Public transportation has always been a convenient method of travel. Many people rely on them to get to work, school or other destinations on their schedules. The latest digitized systems that are now being implemented in public transportation vehicles and smart bus stops will take ease-of-use to another level. Passengers will now be able to access instantaneous times of buses, watch news and have a more interactive experience.

Smaller vehicles on the other hand require low power draw fanless embedded computers due to limited power constraints. Law enforcement patrol cars and first line medics are required to maintain secure and rapid data communication and support of various peripherals. Large mechanical machines such as those used in forestry and demolition have also utilized AAEON’s rugged dustproof panel PCs that are designed to tolerate vibration, shock, wide temperatures and ingress.

At sea or in the harbor, it is often necessary to have networking devices that possess rugged and water-resistant qualities. AAEON’s IP-67 and maritime certified products are ideal for efficient nautical operations. Initially, ships are docked at the harbor’s port for needed preparations. The harbor is comprised of container terminals, ships and cranes that move the containers to their respective places. These containers, that need to be transported, are stacked within the container and military ships. To coordinate these logistics, one can easily look to AAEON products.


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