A Scandinavian IT Company – specialized in electronic ticketing and travel information – is using AAEON RTC-700 Rugged Tablet to bring a totally new generation of public transport systems. With the intelligence of this company’s solution running in the cloud, they were looking for a reliable access point to be used on the road. Aaeon was able to offer a flexible and expandable system and a single all-in-one platform.




The Challenge When is a bus arriving? Where can I buy a ticket? These are probably some of the common thoughts of every passenger that’s waiting for a bus. So, what is the solution?

The Challenge

In North Europe, a Scandinavian IT company specializing in electronic ticketing and travel information for public transport has developed a solution. The company is currently implementing a mobile eTicket checking device and the ability to show real-time traveling info to a bus service company. As the weather conditions can be very harsh, one of the primary goals was to find reliable hardware to support this. Another point of importance was a high precision reception of GSM/Glonass signals since the busses often travelled to remote locations.



The candidate best suitable for the job was a highly customized version of RTC-700 Rugged Android tablet. This device provides an external GPS antenna, flying leads, automotive fixture and charging solutions and specific industry related certification. Thanks to AAEON hardware and the application developed by the Scandinavian IT Company, passengers now can access the information they need using their mobile phones. All information is now securely stored in internet based cloud.

The Solution

Through this intelligent transport system, the company is delivering a new way for public transportation services to handle ticket sales in every resale channel imaginable. This also includes fleet and traffic management in real time. Now the driver can easily see if there is any delay on the road by coordinating with other drivers and operators. This allows them to take necessary actions to make the transport run more smoothly.

Real-time updates for passengers means they can be on time with planning connecting transport or rearranging their route if necessary. The great thing is also the flexible ticketing solution. With this smart solution, passengers now can choose how to buy and receive tickets.

Flexible ticketing

In addition to ticketing, a lot of other information is passed trough the cloud – smartphones, the internet or screens placed on bus stops and vehicles gives the passengers the information regarding their trip. Not only passengers benefit from this intelligent transport system; an operator can monitor the complete fleet in real time and make sure everything is on track.

Customized version of the AAEON RTC-700 Android tablet

customized rtc700 -2customized rtc700


  • AAEON is leading supplier of Industrial grade Rugged Android tablets
  • Light, 7” rugged tablet with long battery life
  • Good GPS/Glonass options
  • Good customization service


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