Smart Wireless Manufacturing For 4th Industrial Revolution

AAEON and Ericsson close the gap between operation, information and communication technologies 

AAEON is proud to announce a smart wireless manufacturing partnership with Ericsson, one of the leading providers of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to service providers, with about 40% of the world’s mobile traffic carried through their networks.

Currently, the majority of factories are already automated to a certain extent by extracting the data from the machines via cables. Together with Ericsson, we enable interconnected solutions, band collective intelligence, easier digitalization of factory assets and plant infrastructure by retrofitting of sensors and introducing cellular connectivity.

Gateways have to embed several industrial protocols to support wireless sensors. To have flexible and reconfigurable production lines, it is sound to connect the whole production line via the gateway and do further analysis to derive valuable insights. With our partner, we can start this today.

Smart Wireless Manufacturing is the foundation to support and accelerate the 4th industrial revolution; transforming factories and plants with cellular technology (4G/5G). While industries have successfully automated many processes, there are still progress to be made to achieve intelligent automation on a much larger scale.

Secure wireless connectivity creates the digital foundation in which manufacturing can increase productivity, performance, and limit unnecessary human intervention. To successfully connect everything on site, the network must cater to a pair of categories:

  • highly critical,
  • real-time applications (robotics),
  • massive monitoring of assets

“We are excited to see how industrial device ecosystem is taking shape to fully enable wireless communication with NB IoT /CATM1, LTE, and future 5G” -says Erik Josefsson, Head of Advanced Industries at Ericsson.

Ericsson presents Smart Wireless Manufacturing and compares the rationale behind cellular wireless to today’s alternatives. Our offering closes the gap between operation, information and communication technologies and realizes new savings and value in the plant.

“AAEON commits in a transformation from wired to cellular connectivity in industrial 4.0 and offers the path from PoC to field deployment. Here we present a wide portfolio of LTE enabled and CE-RED certified the industrial gateways” – explains Fabrizio Del Maffeo, General Manager at AAEON Technology Europe. 


Envision the Future of Machine Vision!

AAEON provides complete machine vision solutions. In addition to manufacturing vision controllers, AAEON cooperates with many different partners, including camera vendors like Basler, FLIR, IDS, and Baumer, and also machine vision software vendors like Mvtec Merlic and Halcon. Also, AAEON’s BOX PCs are compatible with CameraLink and CoaXpress Frame Grabber Cards, as AAEON has worked with Euresys on these technologies.

AAEON’s quality assurance tests always follow strict protocols to ensure that controllers, cameras, and software systems can work together smoothly and be completely compatible. Our tireless dedication to innovation and improvement means that when you buy AAEON products, you’re buying tried and tested technologies that won’t let you down.

ECO System for Machine Vision

Application: Quality inspection System

Experienced manufacturers know that product or packaging flaws give their brand a bad image. Improving quality control procedures has typically been both expensive and time-consuming, but AAEON has developed a system that allows manufacturers to reduce operational costs and material waste, minimize the risk of recalls, and protect their brand image.

To ensure product quality when manufacturing, vendors usually set up three separate quality inspection procedures: “Purchased Materials Inspection,” “Semi-complete Product Inspection,” and “Finished Product Inspection.” These inspections cover factors such as “barcode,” “parts,” “size,” and “on-product wording.”

Customer’s Requirements:

▸Simultaneous support for multiple cameras to enable different types of high-speed inspection

▸Support for 3-5M Pixel, 30 FPS Camera

▸Be equipped with kinds of an interface to be able to connect to PLC, motors, light controllers, and displays

▸Be dust-proof, vibration resistant, and fanless, and it should be capable of working 24/7 in high-temperature, high-humidity conditions since it will be installed in harsh industrial environments

▸Powerful computing capability

▸Easily programmable machine vision software to meet different customer needs

Quality Inspection DEMO KIT

Fanless Embedded Box PC with 6th/7th Generation Intel® Core™ Desktop Processor and Multi GbE LAN & USB3.0

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Real-time PPE Monitoring on the Edge saves cost and protect lives

The world’s first edge compute solution for Personal Protective Equipment ingress and real-time PPW monitoring


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is the equipment that protects the user against health or safety risks. Not wearing PPE dramatically increases the chances of injuries and in many situations also of financial losses due to fines for injuries and death of workers as well as contamination caused by not wearing gloves, hairnets, shoe covers, etc. This post describes the world’s first edge compute solution for PPE ingress and real-time PPE compliance monitoring.


AAEON partnering with Cortexica allows us to identify numerous real-world problems that can be addressed by applying machine vision methods. has been at the forefront of the machine vision revolution. We have reverse-engineered parts of the human visual cortex, which allowed us to develop a powerful image search engine nowadays widely used to solve many real-world problems. Some of the solutions to these problems are often very specific while others are widely applicable and have the potential to save lives. Probably the best example of this is our family of solutions designed for PPE ingress and real-time PPE compliance monitoring.

PPE is designed to protect users from serious injuries or illnesses resulting from physical, mechanical, electrical, chemical or radiological contact. The importance of PPE is paramount because it serves as the last line of defense against an injury or death. Unfortunately, studies have demonstrated that 98% of workers said they have seen others not wearing PPE when they should have been and 30% of those said this happens regularly. Head injuries, constituting 9% of all injuries, can be fatal and yet 84% of these were caused by not wearing a helmet [1]. Most of these injuries could have been prevented had there been a system in place that would continuously monitor for PPE compliance.

Recent advancements in edge computing gave rise to novel applications designed to process data right at its source effectively minimizing latency and allowing real-time processing. UP ! Bridge, the gap with CORTEXICA, presents a solution for PPE ingress and compliance monitoring that runs in real-time and entirely on the edge.

Check out a Martin Peniak interview at AAEON stand at IoT World Congress in Barcelona about our latest product developed in partnership with UP ! Bridge the gap and Cortexica Vision Systems designed to prevent injuries and save lives by automatically detecting when someone is missing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Development Kit Overview

It takes more than algorithms to deliver an AI-driven product that solves a real-life problem. Working in partnership UP with Cortexica, we have developed UP Squared AI Edge-PPE monitoring, a development kit for health and safety professionals to create proof of concepts (POC) to full-blown AI applications ready for live deployment. The development kit offers the following:

•Real-time video analysis with advanced algorithms and machine learning to ensure employees are wearing the correct PPE for their working environment

•Parallel detection of PPE, Face, Person, and Body parts leveraging CPU, GPU, and VPU processors

•Powered by the latest ultra-low-power high-performance Intel Myriad X VPU

•Single image mode

•Real-time mode

•Made for POCs

The PPE monitoring development kit is available for purchase as an off-the-shelf solution, complete with hardware and software configuration, and detailed step-by-step guides to help you start prototyping your next AI monitoring or video surveillance project. For health and safety professions, this development kit assists the creation of a PPE monitoring system, and for industries at large, an AI-driven surveillance application.

If you are interested in trying out this kit, please visit UP Shop where you can order it!



[1] U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Accidents Involving Head Injuries, Report 605, (Washington, D.C., Government Printing Office, July 1980) p. 1