AAEON’s new line of Rugged Tablet Computers (RTC) is MIL-STD-810G compliant and meets IP65 rating. The RTC Series is built from the ground up to withstand water, dust, vibration and shock, as well as the extreme temperatures found in a variety of harsh conditions. The RTC product line will go wherever the job takes you. Encased in tough magnesium alloy, the RTC series offers secure and reliable mobile computing whether it is vehicle mounted or hand carried into the field.

The rugged mobile computing market continues to grow as we find new ways to improve performance and productivity by enabling connectivity in the workforce. The RTC series offers up to the minute information and infield data acquisition, which makes mobile computing not just a valuable asset, but a critical requirement. Powered by low-power processors, such as Intel®, NVIDIA® and TI™, the RTC line delivers high performance with low power consumption. Battery life is in the range of 5~7 hours and meets the demands of a full-day work in the field. Docking station options and vehicle chargers will keep the system up and running for multiple shift operations. The ergonomics and conveniently sized tablets, are light-weight and will go with you anywhere to tackle the job on hand.

The resistive touch screen and Advanced Optibond Technology (AOT™) allows easy and accurate data input. The numeric keypad and programmable function keys are all standard features that make AAEON’s RTC product line your best choice for mobile computing


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