The perfect companion for Military use

The new, AAEON`s  Rugged tablet RTC-1010 will make it an indispensable tool for the military, tough factory automation applications, and people who spend their working days out in the field.”

AAEON Europe, a major developer of advanced industrial solutions, launches the RTC-1010, a 10.1” rugged tablet computer with an extensive IO interface and a series of user-friendly hardware features.

The RTC-1010’s specifications, flexibility, and usability will make it an indispensable tool for a range of rugged applications.

The robust new AAEON tablet features an LCD bonded with a scratch-resistant projected capacitive multi-touch screen. It has an operating temperature range of -20°C to 50°C, is IP65 compliant, can withstand drops from a height of 122cm, and meets MIL-STD-810G standards, so strong resistance to vibrations is guaranteed.

The device is powered by an Intel Pentium/Celeron processor and supports both Windows 10 IoT and Android 8.1 operating systems. It has onboard 4GB DDR3L memory and 64GB eMMC storage, and an additional 512GB of mSATA storage can be added via an internal Mini Card slot.

The tablet features a 2MP front camera and 8MP rear camera with flash. It has 2D barcode, smart card, and NFC readers, and it can be customized to include a magnetic stripe reader. Multiple USB3.0 and USB2.0 ports along with micro HDMI, COM and LAN ports enable greater functionality and connections to peripherals devices.


The RTC-1010 comes with inbuilt WiFi and Bluetooth, and a 4G LTE module can be added via a second Mini Card slot. The system’s wireless capabilities also include GPS, Beidou, or alternative navigation solutions.

To maximize ease of use, the tablet is fitted with a hot-swappable battery, and AAEON has also developed a series of accessories including hand and shoulder straps, a docking station, and a charging dock.

Speaking about the new device, AAEON Rugged Mobile Division product manager Peter Yang said: “The RTC-1010’s rugged specifications, flexibility, and usability will make it an indispensable tool for the military, tough factory automation applications, and people who spend their working days out in the field.”


Trialed and trusted

Leaning on our extensive experience making 10” rugged tablets, the RTC-1010 will prove itself through all kinds of circumstances, defying heavy rain, dust, sand, snow and mud during your intensive day at the job. Dropping it will not give you the terror shock-and-awe you normally have dropping your consumer-grade tablet.
It is your ideal (maintenance/service) tool in any factory -and logistics environment making use of the various I/O’s, optional 1D/2D Barcode Scanner and NFC/RFID Reader.

Getting you through the day

Working long days? No problem for the RTC-1010. The internal and hot-swappable battery will make sure you get your work done.
The connectivity features on the RTC-1010 are WiFi, BlueTooth, GPS, 4G, 4 USB ports, an Ethernet port and COM port to ensure accurate positioning, fast data response and full connectivity whether in a car, bus, truck or even harvester. The vehicle docking station will even provide extra (back-up) connectivity through even more physical USB, Ethernet and COM-ports.
Furthermore, the 8MP auto-focus camera with flash will create the right picture for you in any environment, whether you are documenting damage to goods upon delivery or making scenery pictures for your factory machine maintenance reports.


The RTC-1010 is a very versatile unit offering the flexibility to scale your needs with different accessories.
The RTC-1010 comes optionally with several ergonomic accessories such as a shoulder strap and comfortable hand strap to allow to take some weight of you and allow you to keep working.
Furthermore, the vehicle docking station will give you the capability to charge the RTC-1010 and, through the 2 extra USB ports and COM port you can add extra peripherals to it, such as a keyboard/pad, mouse, Barcode reader, UHF RFID reader, forklift sensor, etc. The docking station also provides for physical Ethernet port for legacy devices for connectivity to a Vehicle PC server or IP camera.




A Scandinavian IT Company – specialized in electronic ticketing and travel information – is using AAEON RTC-700 Rugged Tablet to bring a totally new generation of public transport systems. With the intelligence of this company’s solution running in the cloud, they were looking for a reliable access point to be used on the road. Aaeon was able to offer a flexible and expandable system and a single all-in-one platform.




The Challenge When is a bus arriving? Where can I buy a ticket? These are probably some of the common thoughts of every passenger that’s waiting for a bus. So, what is the solution?

The Challenge

In North Europe, a Scandinavian IT company specializing in electronic ticketing and travel information for public transport has developed a solution. The company is currently implementing a mobile eTicket checking device and the ability to show real-time traveling info to a bus service company. As the weather conditions can be very harsh, one of the primary goals was to find reliable hardware to support this. Another point of importance was a high precision reception of GSM/Glonass signals since the busses often travelled to remote locations.



The candidate best suitable for the job was a highly customized version of RTC-700 Rugged Android tablet. This device provides an external GPS antenna, flying leads, automotive fixture and charging solutions and specific industry related certification. Thanks to AAEON hardware and the application developed by the Scandinavian IT Company, passengers now can access the information they need using their mobile phones. All information is now securely stored in internet based cloud.

The Solution

Through this intelligent transport system, the company is delivering a new way for public transportation services to handle ticket sales in every resale channel imaginable. This also includes fleet and traffic management in real time. Now the driver can easily see if there is any delay on the road by coordinating with other drivers and operators. This allows them to take necessary actions to make the transport run more smoothly.

Real-time updates for passengers means they can be on time with planning connecting transport or rearranging their route if necessary. The great thing is also the flexible ticketing solution. With this smart solution, passengers now can choose how to buy and receive tickets.

Flexible ticketing

In addition to ticketing, a lot of other information is passed trough the cloud – smartphones, the internet or screens placed on bus stops and vehicles gives the passengers the information regarding their trip. Not only passengers benefit from this intelligent transport system; an operator can monitor the complete fleet in real time and make sure everything is on track.

Customized version of the AAEON RTC-700 Android tablet

customized rtc700 -2customized rtc700


  • AAEON is leading supplier of Industrial grade Rugged Android tablets
  • Light, 7” rugged tablet with long battery life
  • Good GPS/Glonass options
  • Good customization service


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Why are consumer tablets not fit for industrial work?

To the regular user, a consumer tablet is a great tool for entertainment, communication, learning and convenience. However, the average consumer doesn’t have to worry about the same durability specifications that a commercial user requires. If you are considering integrating a mobile tablet into your operations with the goal of streamlining processes and procedures, it is important to be fully aware of the total cost of ownership and differences between a consumer tablet and one built specifically for rugged environments:

1.Durability and Long Term Support: One of the key differences between a tablet from a big-box store and the tablets designed for use in the field is the amount of wear and tear they can be expected to withstand. A standard tablet used on a construction site or in a warehouse will undoubtedly encounter countless hazards that could compromise the performance of the device: Dust, debris, moisture, drops to rough surfaces, and temperature variation, to name a few. Making the investment in a tablet that is designed for the conditions in which it will be used saves time and money. It also ensures operations won’t stall due to device failure.

2.Variation of Functionality: Today, many rugged tablets come enterprise ready, equipped with full Windows operating systems, and applications tailored to meet the demands of specific industries. Across enterprise, rapid processing, reliable communications, and robust system memory are essential.

3.Rugged Design: Consumer tablets offer few options for customization. In industrial applications however, flexibility is a must when it comes to peripherals, I/O ports, and mounting options. AAEON models offer custom-designed vehicle docks with quick-release functionality, multiple I/O ports including serial, micro USB, micro SD, audio, and standard USB, along with integrated 1D/2D barcode scanners and optional RFID readers.

4.Total Cost of Ownership: The sticker price of a consumer tablet may initially seem lower than the price of a rugged tablet, but when comparing tablets, consider the true cost, or total cost of ownership (TCO). When a device fails, mobile workers lose 50 to 80 minutes of productivity on average. This is significant when you take into account that productivity loss represents roughly 40% of a tablet’s TCO. When a tablet is not built for industrial environments, the risk for damage also increases, and thus so does the cost over the long term. In fact, TCO decline as the ruggedness factor of a tablet increases. According to research by Venture Development Corporation, the TCO for rugged mobile devices over 3-5 years, is 15 percent lower than a non-rugged device.

Bottom line:

When considering whether to purchase a consumer tablet or rugged tablet for your work site, consider these risks and rewards. Saving a few dollars on the initial investment is most likely not worth the replacement cost, functionality compromise and productivity loss related to not having the proper tablet in place for the job. By selecting a tool that fits the form and function workers need to complete their work correctly, rugged tablets are a significant asset in keeping demanding work environments connected and efficient.

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AAEON Highlights Versatility with RTC-700C Rugged Tablet

AAEON®, announces the latest entry in the company’s RTC-700 tablet series, the versatile RTC-700C.

Powered by an Intel® processor running a Windows 8 operating system, the RTC-700C incorporates hardware features most conducive for implementation in wide-ranging applications. A series of optional accessories are also available for expanded functionalities.

The tablet’s multiple wireless capabilities, such as 3G/4G, WiFi, Bluetooth™ and GPS, offer great incentive for applications such as fleet management and law enforcement, as data can be captured and processed in real-time, making tasks such as instantaneous vehicle positioning and data transfer, among others, possible.


Outdoor usage is facilitated with a 7”, sunlight readable, Gorilla Glass screen. Coupled with an IP-65-rated, MIL-STD-810G-compliant enclosure and wide-temperature support, the tablet is a fitting candidate for applications in the military sector and field inspections, where rough handling and intrusion from water and dust are prevalent.

Additional functionalities are supported with an assortment of optional accessories: Barcode scanners can be used in warehouses for quick and easy stock checks. Smart card (CAC) readers can be deployed in Military and intelligent retail environments. Docking stations can be placed in convenient locations for extended implementation.

“We interpret the “Design for All” philosophy as “one design for all situations”, said Cindy Lu, Product Manager of AAEON’s Rugged Mobile Computing Division. “Given this tablet’s versatility, the RTC-700C can be utilized in a variety of situations, just like a Swiss Army knife”.

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Our RTC600A is engineered for any tough and rough application, the black RTC-600A rugged tablet provides a 5.7” WXGA touchscreen protected in a scratch-, vibration-, and IP65 water-proof enclosure with smooth round edges. Also, thanks to its sturdy construction, it can be to operated in temperatures from -20°C to 60°C, a condition unsurvivable to other tablets, making it a much more durable and practical contender than its “sleeker” counterparts.


Further supporting outdoor use is the incorporation of GNSS receivers for wide-ranging applications. Besides standard features such as wifi and Bluetooth, the Android-powered (Jelly Bean) device also include a 5MB back camera, RFID/NFC capabilities, smart cards as well as 3G/4G support. The extra room offered by the enclosure also allowed the implementation of a more dedicated and stable barcode scanner. However, perhaps the most important benefit from the spacious interior is the ability to add second battery in addition to the primary build-in battery, effectively extending the total battery life to well over 8 hours.

Given the mobile characteristic of the device as well as the open nature of its operating system, the tablet is ideally suited for use in the logistic and medical industry, warehouse management, and point-of-sale purposes, where data can be sent, received and store on the fly for immediate actions.