Solution for the Rail Service Operator

Rail router

Trains have been transporting people across countries and continents for hundreds of years, and with the development of high-speed locomotives, maglev systems, and Hyperloop technology, it seems certain that trains will be running well in to the next century and beyond. The central feature of recent developments in train technology may be speed, but modern travelers are not content with simply getting to their destinations as quickly as possible. They also demand information about their journeys, entertainment, comfort, and security systems. To fulfill these requirements, train operators have to build integrated, in-vehicle systems around powerful embedded PCs.

Customer Challenges
In the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attack, the issue of security took on a new importance in America, and concerns have grown with subsequent attacks and the ongoing problem of gun violence. As a result, air and rail travelers have demanded more visible and effective security systems. To meet this demand, the end user – a US rail service provider – wanted to install security cameras in its train carriages. Additionally, they wanted the system they adopted to manage onboard digital signage, and provide passengers with WiFi. The computer used in the system would therefore have to be versatile, rugged, and extremely reliable.

The Solution
As one of the world’s leading developers of industrial computers, AAEON was able to call upon a wealth of experience and expertise when working on a solution for the rail service operator. Engineers at the company devised a solution that involved fitting each train carriage with a custom model VPC-3305S-A NVR. Each device would be connected to a security camera, environmental sensors, and a digital signage monitor. At the front and rear of the train, a rackmount central computer would send data to the NVRs. The VPC-3305S-A, with its six smart PoE ports, expansion capabilities, and Intel Atom Processor E3845 CPU with its inbuilt graphics specifications, is the ideal device to provide the backbone of the rail router solution.


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