AI – Artificial Intelligence

What is AI and how does it influence our everyday life?

The so called AI (Artificial Intelligence) is an area of computer science which is focused on the creation of an intelligent machine, which is able to develop almost human like capabilities. The design of AI targets features like Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Speech Recognition, Planning and Organizing skills, as well as Problem Solving abilities.

This more and more expanding field of the technology industry requires specialized skills and continues to grow in the industrial and IoT market. By `spreading intelligence in a connected world´, several Machine Learning solutions have been integrated in our every day life; still, pure AI solutions seem to be far away.

The reason for the constraints in AI are mainly influenced by factors like costs, power consumption and robustness of the solution. But what if there would be a solution, which could overcome the mentioned limitations? 

Introducing AAEON AI: Artificial Intelligence on the Edge

During Embedded World 2018 (27th February – 1st March 2018), AAEON Technology Europe will release a unique platform with its `UP Bridge The Gap´ line, which will be able to prevent former restrictions.

Excited to learn more? Stay updated and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter (AAEON Europe) or visit our booth on EW2018 – Hall 1, stand 350.

`UP AI Edge´ – coming soon!!

EW AI banner.png



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