Your All-Around Vertical Market Solution

AAEONs newly launched APL family of products is designed to consolidate all sectors of industrial automation, ranging from vertical IIoT deployment and IoT, to public transportation and virtual network architecture. Intersecting connectivity, energy efficiency, BIO support and thermal management, the APLs are the heart of industrial throughput and other mission-critical systems.

gene 1Source: http://web.aaeon.com.tw/news/viewnews.asp?id=978&Region=

GENE-APL5 – The Solution for General Industrial Automation

Designed specifically for deployment in factory automation, the GENE-APL5 is a fan less solution that is capable of supporting 3 individual displays.

GENE-APL6 – The Solution for Transportation

Featuring an ultra-wide input range of 9-36V, the GENE-APL6 offers high power desity that belies its small size. It also features support for 2 LVDS, 1 VGA. Onboard storage with eMMC up to 32G.

GENE-APL7 – The Solution for Modern Retail POS

The GENE-APL7 provides enhanced scalability, offering a particularly generous connectivity package comprising 12 COM ports and 10 USB slots.




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