Smart Agriculture

The agricultural business is looking at a promising future. Due to the ever growing global population, the sector is looking at an estimated required increase in production of approximately 70% between 2006 and 2050.

In addition, as the workforce employed in the agricultural sector is progressively decreasing,  ‘Smart Agriculture’  (farming driven by information technology) becomes an interesting tool to boost and maintain the level of productivity.

smart agriculture
Smart Agriculture – Source: Click here

Hereby, Smart Agriculture in the field of Greenhouse farming, as well as livestock and irrigation management is dominated by a couple of concepts, to be illustrated in the upcoming lines.

  • Big Data Farming: utilization of big data –> defining the decision making process;
  • Precision Agriculture: monitoring deviation in crop yields –> detect potential.

The rising demand for those techniques is mainly dominated by smart technology solutions, whereby the hardware component represents more than 50% of the industry. The focus is placed upon the following automation and control systems:

  • Variable Rate Technology (VRT);
  • Smart Positioning Technologies (GPS receivers);
  • Smart Steering and Guidance Systems.

The reason for this can be found in the fact that the input of resources can be minimized, while the quality improves. Ultimately, output reaches a maximum level.

You want to learn more about this topic? Click here for the whole article.





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