Let’s talk about soccer!

Well, this blog would not be this blog, if there was not a technical aspect to the story.

What does that mean?
Let’s say manpower replaced itself by a brilliant combination of hardware and software and et voilà we are talking about the official RoboCup.

RoboCup – Source: http://thefirsteleven.com/robocup-future-soccer-tournaments/

This international scientific event, first being introduced in 1997, is based on the innovative development of intelligent robots playing soccer. The aim is straight forward – being able to defeat a human team in the Soccer World Cup by 2050.

This time the different teams competed against each other in Germany, at the fair in Magdeburg. The event took place from 5th to 7th May 2017 and proved that German universities are booking great achievements in the field of technological progress. The team of the university Bremen – ‘B-Human’ – toke the victory home, sharply followed by Leipzig and Dortmund. Germany can be proud on this additional over-winning, based on creative ideas, competencies in the field of robotics and the ideal alliance of hardware and software options.

Even though the hardware is at a comparable level for all competitors, individual software enhancements have been the reason for greater success. The robots are programmed to recognize the ball and the diverse movements of the competition, while the motion of moving has been adapted and adjusted to the underground.

For those interested, here a little visual impression of the intelligent robots & the event:





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