Can a Rugged Tablet survive an avalanche?

Write: Pascal Borgstijn, Business Development Manager Europe for Rugged Tablets


Last week we at AAEON Europe had our annual Channel Partner Conference. It was held in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc in France, and it is a mesmerizing place. Next, to the productive meetings in the morning done by ourselves as well as some of our Ecosystem partners, there was a time in the afternoon and evening for fun activities, drinks, and great food.

Being responsible for the RTC Rugged Tablet product portfolio, I thought this would be an ideal location to put our latest addition, the 11.6″ RTC-1200SK, to a real test. The first day of activities we were quite high up (approx 1,400 meters) and it was blistering cold (at least -12°C). Everybody suited up for the occasion and were good sports about it.

Due to the cold, not a lot of people were able to take pictures with their smartphones as these just died…

To prove a point about the ruggedness of our tablets, I was brave enough to give the RTC-1200SK an active part in an activity called “Avalanche Rescue”.

Did the RTC-1200SK pass the test? See for yourself: