Extreme BMX vs. Rugged Tablet

That title wheeled you in right? I met with this BMX biker a couple of months ago through one of my colleagues at AAEON. He was telling me that he’d just set up his BMX local courier service so that he could combine his hobby with his work.

The cool idea was my first thought. I asked him however what he was doing for tracking the packages and administration (I could not resist commercially intruding). He currently was using some phablet, taking pictures of the box labels and manually entering the data on his laptop. It took quite a lot of time decreasing his (fun) biking time. Furthermore, he kept replacing the bumper on his phablet (and also already two displays), as he calls it, technology and BMX biking does not match.

I could not pass this opportunity up, so I gave him a good deal on the tablet providing we could film him in action. In 3 days of filming, the RTC 700 series went through some tough conditions:

  • Multiple drops on concrete: It even flew off the bike for several meters in a skate park once (the bike mount wasn’t particularly the best), and I almost reached for a different unit, when I heard the OK from him that it was still working fine;
  • Rain, heavy rain….The first day of shooting it rained so hard that we did not worry so much about the condition of the tablet, but more so for him catching pneumonia;
  • Mud: Of course, when it rains, there is mud and the tablet was no stranger to that during the shoot.

In the end, it resulted in a great little movie proving the ruggedness of the RTC tablets and giving me confidence in promoting them. I hope it will do the same for you.

Check the full video below and let me know what you think



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