Small package – High performance

To close the gap between industrial networking and IT networking, AAEON Europe, the industrial computing subsidiary of the world’s second largest PC manufacturer ASUS Inc. in Taiwan co-operated with HMS Networks and integrated HMS IXXAT INpact communication card to AAEON’s BOXER-6403 slim type BOXER PC system.

 boxer za blogBOXER-6403 HMS ready, which utilizes the Intel® Celeron®/AtomTM processor: this boxer PC expands its graphics performance greatly with the newest generation of Celeron®/AtomTM processors and enabling the Internet of Things in industrial automation by HMS IXXAT INpact. It is one of the smallest, most compact embedded PCs with HMS solution on the market, measuring 158 x 95 x 33 mm. With this tiny form factor, customers can fit it almost anywhere, and it provides quite a lot of I/O ports for basic applications in the most rugged environment with a reliable fanless design.

The BOXER-6403 HMS ready is a standalone high-performance PC designed for extended operation with high reliability and connect all kind of machines and systems used in the Automation Market.


PC board I/O

– Intel® Celeron/ Atom™ SoC Processor

– DDR3L 1333MHz SODIMM x 1, Up to 8GB

– RJ45x2 for Intel® Gigabit Ethernet

– RJ45x2 for HMS connection

– RJ45x2 for RS-232/422/486

– USB 3.0×1, USB 2.0×3

– Non-Isolated Digital Inputs x 4

– Non-Isolated Digital Outputs x 2

– HDMI x1


– Half Mini-Card x1 (mSATA only), Full Mini-Card x 1 w/SIM slot

– USB 2.0 pin header x , LPC connector x1, LVDS x1


Building Intelligence for Tomorrow

The 21st century can be characterized by the advent of wireless technology that allows the concept of Internet of Things (IoT) to be possible. Introducing AAEON’s DRM IoT gateway, a device designed as the centerpiece for building management systems in smart buildings.


Defining “smart” in an intelligent system can be tricky. For AAEON, it is the ability to perform large-scale or building-wide control and management of operationally critical tasks, such as lighting and power, both on-site and off, instantaneously and simultaneously, while not requiring substantial resources to do so. In that direction, the DRM gateway was conceived. Also, the device will feed data for all its controlling parameters to the cloud, which can be managed remotely on any Internet-enabled device, making remote management possible.

Powered by Intel®’s Quark X1000 SoC, a DINRail mountable device, modular design, light and compact built to facilitate any requirements for customization. Inside its step-pyramid shape are the PC board, CPU board, and industrial I/O board, one stacked atop another from the top to bottom respectively with topmost level providing internet access and expansion capabilities, computation in the middle and analog to digital (or vice versa) signal conversion at the bottom.

The DRM is just part of the bigger picture. The entire IoT ecosystem creates a lot of opportunities to present the most innovative and comprehensive solutions to the market, stay tuned for AAEON’s full range of upcoming IoT solutions.

AAEON DRM Features:

PC board I/O

-10/100 LAN x1, USB2.0 x1, COM x1

– Antenna hole (SMA type) for wireless

Quark Core module

– Quark SoC X1021 series

– On board DDR3 512 MB memory

Customizable Industrial I/O board

– 4 x isolated 0/4-20mA current loop receivers

– 1 x isolated 4-20mA current loop transmitter

– 6 x non-isolated 24V Digital Inputs

– 2 x non-isolated 24V/100mA Digital Outputs

– Power DC24V input


– Power requirement: 24Vdc

– Operating Temperature:  -40 ~ 70°C

– Dimension: 90mm x 88mm x 79mm

– Mounting: DinRail