AAEON’s DRM Gateway: Building Intelligence for Tomorrow

The 21st century can be characterized by the advent of wireless technology that allows the concept of Internet of Things (IoT) to be possible. Introducing AAEON’s DRM IoT gateway, a device designed as the centerpiece for building management systems in smart buildings.

smart building

Defining “smart” in an intelligent system can be tricky. For AAEON, it is the ability to perform large-scale or building-wide control and management of operationally critical tasks, such as lighting and power, both on-site and off, instantaneously and simultaneously, while not requiring substantial resources to do so. In that direction, the DRM gateway was conceived.

Powered by Intel®’s Quark X1000 SoC, the device sports a DIN rail mountable, modular design (hence the name “DRM”) and is lightly and compactly built to facilitate any requirements for customization. Inside its step-pyramid shape is the PC board, CPU board, and industrial I/O board, one stacked atop another from the top to bottom respectively with topmost level providing internet access and expansion capabilities, computation in the middle and analog to digital (or vice versa) signal conversion at the bottom.

With signal converters and ability to connect a multitude of analog devices, functions the gateway may perform include, among others, adjustment of window positions and air conditioners as well as venting of hot air based on temperature and humidity; around the clock monitoring of the building’s lighting condition, allowing autonomous activation/ deactivation of electrical lights for energy saving purposes; storing of power generated during off-peak periods for buildings capable of producing renewable energy, and selling it to power companies for revenue.

Also, the device will feed data for all its controlling parameters to a web-based app, which can be viewed on any Internet-enabled device, making remote management possible.

“The DRM is just part of the bigger picture” said Rita Liang, Product Manager of AAEON’s Design and Manufacturing Services, “The vastness of the entire IoT ecosystem creates a lot of opportunities for us to present the most innovative and comprehensive solutions to the market, so stay tuned for AAEON’s full range of upcoming IoT solutions”.

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AAEON Announces 6th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors (codenamed Skylake) Product Line-up

AAEON®, a major developer of industrial computing solutions, unveils a string of products from the company’s board and system line-ups powered by 6th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors.

Every generation of processors brings new features and improved capabilities to the table while inheriting the merits of its predecessors. Introducing AAEON’s COM-SKUC6 and COM-SKHB6 COM Express modules, IMBM-Q170A, EMB-H110B, EMB-Q170A/Q170B industrial motherboards, and FWS-7820 network appliance, products designed to leverage the new chips fully so their potential can be maximized.

For the COM-SKHB6, which features a quad-core Intel® Core™ i7 processor (H-series), memory support is now greatly boosted up to 32 GB of DDR4-2133 MHz, ECC memory and also support for the 4K resolution standards. Coupled with the module’s latest type 6 pin-out and exhaustive I/O options, the COM-SKHB6 can be flexibly applied to gaming as well as a control & automation solutions. For more mobile-oriented applications, the COM-SKUC6 is a suitable option with its power-saving dual-core Intel® Core™ processor (U-series), as well as smaller dimensions.


Similar to the modules, the EMB-H110B, EMB-Q170A, EMB-Q170B, and IMBM-Q170A also support up to 16, 32, and 64 GB of DDR4-2133 MHz memory thanks to the 6th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors. The EMB boards carry the newer and faster M.2 connectors and, to facilitate the designed purpose of digital signage and kiosk applications, they come with HDMI/DisplayPort combo ports and support triple simultaneous displays with HDMI, DisplayPort, LVDS, and eDP options. The IMBM-Q71A, on the other hand, targets industrial automation and banking solutions with the latest Intel® Active Management Technology and the Intel® Ethernet Connection I219 chipset, making remote management of these solutions possible. All four boards sport 6th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors (S-series), the same variant used for AAEON’s next product soon to be introduced.

The FWS-7820, a network appliance for scaled-up connectivity and high-density networking, benefits substantially from the native support of DDR4 memory that allows a maximum of 64 GB of ECC memory to be used. The device is designed to support up to 38 Ethernet ports from the device itself as well as four swappable Network Interface Modules (NIM), which include, among others from AAEON’s NIM selection: an eight-port module with 1 GbE per port, a four-port module with 10 GbE, and a two-port module with 40 GbE.

“The new 6th generation Intel® Core™ processor family is a giant leap in processor technology and AAEON’s decision to use this new processor line allows it to build exciting products today that enable the IoT solutions of tomorrow,” said Samuel Cravatta, product line director, Internet of Things Group, Intel.

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