Too hot to handle and how to cool down?

Ipad need to cool down

I’ve just come back from my summer holiday in very sunny southern France. All-in-all, it was a great holiday; sea, sun, beach, nice pool, great food, the works. Not so much for my iPad though…The previously mentioned enjoyments were frowned upon by my little piece of technology.

For good measure, I already avoided the beach with the iPad, just because I didn’t want sand to get into the connectors and button inclinations. On one day however, while the kids were playing in the pool, I was lying pool-side reading the news when all of a sudden I got this message: “iPad needs to cool down before you can use it”. What? Ok, it was a sunny 32 degrees Celsius outside, but I wasn’t choking the thing with say, ski gloves on….it was revealed in my bare hands.

When I showed it to my 7-year old son, he shrugged and said he knew how to fix that. In a moment of neglect (I was watching my 9-year old girl go off the big water slide), my boy filled up his super soaker gun and sprayed down (or almost drowned) my iPad. What seemed to my son as a logical way to cool down, was not appreciated by the iPad (to say the least). My son was quite upset when he saw that the iPad broke down, saying: “But you said that you could do that with your tablets”. My son unknowingly was referring to the tablets we produce at AAEON….rugged tablets. I blame myself for not bringing one of those along…
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