AAEON annnounces ACP-1000 panel PC series

A major developer of Industry 4.0 computing solutions, AAEON launched the ACP product line, a series of touch panel PCs that will consolidate system integration, IoT, and smart home applications, as well as providing an option for product lifecycle management and smart factory processes.


acp 1000

The ACP panel PCs are powered by the Apollo Lake. These multi-touch panel PCs support Linux, Windows 10 and Android systems, and provide mixed memory support and heightened efficiency output. The ACP series stands at 7 and 10.1 inches respectively. Also, the design enables deployment in scenarios such as smart homes and smart offices.

Much like AAEON’s other panel PCs, the ACPs offers a thermal management system that boosts airflow and cool air circulation, along with an aluminum casing which protects the panel from external wear and tear, while the IP 65 Front Bezel Design offers a layer of protection against environmental nuisances such as dust mites and water. I/O port support is provided to supplement connectivity to outer devices, and to facilitate customization. The design offers voltage protection against surge spikes and short circuits and operates within DC 9~30 Vdc.

Smart Agriculture

The agricultural business is looking at a promising future. Due to the ever growing global population, the sector is looking at an estimated required increase in production of approximately 70% between 2006 and 2050.

In addition, as the workforce employed in the agricultural sector is progressively decreasing,  ‘Smart Agriculture’  (farming driven by information technology) becomes an interesting tool to boost and maintain the level of productivity.

smart agriculture
Smart Agriculture – Source: Click here

Hereby, Smart Agriculture in the field of Greenhouse farming, as well as livestock and irrigation management is dominated by a couple of concepts, to be illustrated in the upcoming lines.

  • Big Data Farming: utilization of big data –> defining the decision making process;
  • Precision Agriculture: monitoring deviation in crop yields –> detect potential.

The rising demand for those techniques is mainly dominated by smart technology solutions, whereby the hardware component represents more than 50% of the industry. The focus is placed upon the following automation and control systems:

  • Variable Rate Technology (VRT);
  • Smart Positioning Technologies (GPS receivers);
  • Smart Steering and Guidance Systems.

The reason for this can be found in the fact that the input of resources can be minimized, while the quality improves. Ultimately, output reaches a maximum level.

You want to learn more about this topic? Click here for the whole article.




Let’s talk about soccer!

Well, this blog would not be this blog, if there was not a technical aspect to the story.

What does that mean?
Let’s say manpower replaced itself by a brilliant combination of hardware and software and et voilà we are talking about the official RoboCup.

RoboCup – Source: http://thefirsteleven.com/robocup-future-soccer-tournaments/

This international scientific event, first being introduced in 1997, is based on the innovative development of intelligent robots playing soccer. The aim is straight forward – being able to defeat a human team in the Soccer World Cup by 2050.

This time the different teams competed against each other in Germany, at the fair in Magdeburg. The event took place from 5th to 7th May 2017 and proved that German universities are booking great achievements in the field of technological progress. The team of the university Bremen – ‘B-Human’ – toke the victory home, sharply followed by Leipzig and Dortmund. Germany can be proud on this additional over-winning, based on creative ideas, competencies in the field of robotics and the ideal alliance of hardware and software options.

Even though the hardware is at a comparable level for all competitors, individual software enhancements have been the reason for greater success. The robots are programmed to recognize the ball and the diverse movements of the competition, while the motion of moving has been adapted and adjusted to the underground.

For those interested, here a little visual impression of the intelligent robots & the event:




The next level of network virtualization

AAEON has proven its ability to further strengthen its performance in the field of Network Appliance. With the launch of FWS-2271, an affordable network computing solution for small/medium offices, as well as branch and home offices is introduced to the market.

‘FWS-2271’ – a tough tool for reliable performance & quite operation

As visible above, the device is delivered in a robust steel case, which makes it suitable for a variety of different locations. Moreover, the Intel® Apollo Lake serves Gigabit Ethernet Network Appliance through six ports, which makes it an ideal solution for SOHO and SMB, resulting in an optimized network performance in the field of:

  • Firewall;
  • VPN;
  • Load Balancing;
  • Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN);
  • Software Defined Network (SDN);
  • Network Function Virtualization (NFW);
  • Unified Threat Management (UTM);
  • Wireless Network Access Controller (NAC);
  • Virtual Customer Premise Equipment (vCPE).

And the best – you are not going to face difficulties in configuration!

Want to know more? Head over to EEWeb (Electrical Engineering Community) for a full article about the FWS-2271.

Increasing strength – RTC-600

Experience the RTC-600, one of AAEON’s rugged tablet computers that convinces through its reliable performance at all times!

RTC-600 by AAEON – Maximum Performance @ Minimal Size

The RTC-600A will prove itself a worthy companion at your side at all times and through all kinds of circumstances, defying water, dust, sand, snow and mud during your intensive day at the job. Dropping it will not give you the terror shock-and-awe you normally have when dropping your consumer-grade tablet/phablet. Additionally, with the IP67 certification there’s no need to worry about the extremities of the environment!

You need visible proof? This time, AAEON is going one step further to demonstrate the reliability of RTC-600, see for yourself:


Data transfer and positioning is crucial for your day in the field. The RTC-600A is equipped with WiFi, BlueTooth, GPS/GLONASS and 3G/LTE to ensure accurate positioning and fast data response, whether in a car, bus, truck or even harvester. The docking station will even provide extra (back-up) connectivity through physical Ethernet.


Next to the NFC/Mifare RFID reader, the optionally integrated solid-state 1D/2D barcode reader will read a wide variation of barcodes for all your tracking & tracing needs, whether in delivering packages, monitoring machine maintenance or taking stock in your warehouse. It reads the most popular used barcodes from 1D EAN/UPC to 2D DataMatrix codes.

Furthermore, the 8MP auto-focus camera with flash will create the right picture for you in any environment, whether you are documenting damage to goods upon delivery or making scenery pictures for your field surveying goals. The hot-swappable battery will give you the flexibility to work some extra hours past the obligatory 8-hour work-day.


The RTC-600A is a very versatile unit offering the flexibility to scale your needs with different accessories.

Running out of battery power? No worries, the hot-swappable battery can be exchanged in seconds and fits nicely in the 4-battery charging station to recharge in just a couple of hours.

If you want to wear the RTC-600A on your body at all times, the carry bag with integrated hand strap (auto-adjust to all size hands) will just do the trick for you.

Furthermore, the docking station will give you the capability to charge the RTC-600A and, through the extra USB ports, add extra peripherals to it, such as a keyboard/pad, UHF RFID reader, forklift sensor, etc. The docking station also provides for physical Ethernet and a COM port for legacy devices.

AAEON launches BOXER-6839 embedded Box PC

AAEON proudly presents a new computing solution for Industry 4.0 – the BOXER-6839 – an embedded PC for Vision Systems.

BOXER - 6839 (2)
BOXER-6839 embedded PC by AAEON

The special design of the interface facilitates  PCIe x4, while integrating a variety of cameras such as GigaLAN / PoE / USB 3.0 / CameraLink / CoaXpress. Hereby, the compatibility with most industrial cameras and vision control softwares was tested and proven, ensuring the continuous improvement of known industry standards. Powered by the Intel 7th Gen. desktop CPU and Intel I210 LAN chip, the BOXER 6839 is designed to expedite the assembly process.

Unlike former designs, the BOXER 6839 features a lid cover to pre-empt accessibility. It features a CPU socket, which supports exchangeable CPUs, offering higher customization and mobility options. Meanwhile, it provides a triple independent display, which will greatly enhance factory product management. Additionally, it offers support for 6 COM RS-232/422/485 ports, well above the current market average.

Designed to consolidate existing camera systems, AAEON’s BOXER-6839 series supports various camera interfaces, providing integration without having to connect through other transponders. The BOXER 6839 provides longevity support and a customizable mechanical design for CPU flexibility to meet the ever-changing needs of both the client and the landscape of Industry 4.0. With a native capacity of 3 GigaLAN ports, as well as a 6 USB 3.0 sockets and 34-bit programmable digital I/O, it can also be adapted for a range of industrial manufacturing processes. The chassis design is an option for smart control systems, machine vision inspection, digital signage, surveillance and machine makers.

Boxer 6839
BOXER-6839 – Interface Compatibility

For the detailed Product Datasheet, please click here.

PICO-APL1: Ideal for integration in vertical IIoT markets

AAEON presents the PICO-APL1 single board computer (SBC) featuring a compact, slim design, fanless operation and a wide thermal operating envelope. The PICO-APL1 retains its ever-popular IO, ensuring easy upgrades or replacements. The PICO-APL1 is available in two SKUs based on the Intel® Atom™ N4200 and N3350. The Intel® Atom™ is a proven processor delivering impressive performance, energy efficiency, and low power consumption. Support for up to 8GB DDR3, with SATA 3.0, mSATA, and MiniCard expansion slots and a configurable BIO connection for daughter boards, allows for a huge range of expansion opportunities. The PICO-APL1 is designed to integrate perfectly with the AAEON EZ-Way “slot in, snap together” system, enabling rapid deployment and access to all internal components, thus lowering costs and further enhancing ROI.



    Vertical IIoT Deployment Applications




secure, islolated communication

Secure, isolated communication

Optional COM, LAN, and DIO isolation ensure the PICO-APL1 is ideal for verticals requiring secure communication such as Automotive, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing.




The PICO-APL1 is ideal for IoT, and IIoT implementations, including Smart Factory, Smart City and Industry 4.0. The rapidly growing interest in Smart Factories and Industry 4.0 will greatly benefit Machine Vision and Automatic Optical Inspection, increasing reliability and ROI.




The discreet PICO-APL1 is well suited for retail deployment. Dual channel LVDS provides full support for triple displays, including 4K x 2K HDMI or DP, ideal for Digital Signage. The impressive IO options of the PICO-APL1 include 3G/4G, BT and Wi-Fi for POS deployment scenarios, where telemetry and continuous data capture are highly desirable.


To download PICO- APL1 Datasheet click here